Claire and I hosted our first styled shoot together in March of 2019 and haven't looked back. In December of that same year, we hosted our first annual Creatively Gathered large scale styled shoot for over 100 photographers and over 40 wedding professionals!


We want to give you a creative outlet and energize you  to define and pursue your ideal client.

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My goal as a Styled Shoot Coordinator is to bring a group of creatives together that will amplify all of our portfolios and leave us feeling energized and accomplished. Styled shoots can be more than just images for your portfolio! It can be an experience that opens up your mind to new ideas, creates a clearer vision for your business, and allows you a safe space to practice and perfect your skills. Not only have you earned the right to beautiful images, you have earned a joyful break, a creative experience.
After a year of organizing styled shoots, getting to know each other’s strengths, and having the opportunity to grow K. Layne Styled, Claire and I confirmed that this is exactly where we’re supposed to be and we're so excited that you're here with us!

Throughout the years of searching for the “perfect fit,” I found myself in many different roles: Travel Blogger, President of a social club for military spouses, Craft Party Coordinator, and Historian of my local American Legion Chapter.
All of these things involved bringing people together with photography as a core component; however, in the end, they still weren’t exactly right for me. Yet, these experiences were important because they brought me right to where I should be. Styled Shoot Coordinating combines all the things I love and doesn’t hinder me from being in the creative space that I’ve longed for! I finally found my perfect fit!
K. Layne Styled is and always will be inclusive, encouraging, and creatively fulfilling! 

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I left Creatively Gathered with a handful of new friends in the industry, an entire memory card of beautifully curated portraits for my portfolio, and a full heart of excitement for the next event these ladies put on together! 

Their dedication to serving every photographer was inspiring

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