Hi, I'm Kassie! I’m the crazy creative and photographer behind the style boards, vision, and experience of K. Layne Styled. I started hosting shoots out of a desire to create a portfolio of my ideal clients and have a space to be creative.

Since then, this has rapidly grown into a beautiful way to not only be creative, but also to make long lasting friendships! Having a creative outlet, aside from photography, is a dream come true and I’m so grateful for those that make it possible.

I’m always the “Director of Operations”, however, Claire is the one making sure I haven’t forgotten an oxford comma, kills the IG stories game, and reels me in when necessary!

more about her down here ↓

Claire is my right hand (wo)man! She is a 5 on the Enneagram so her researching skills are on point! She loves to learn and encourages me to push her to do so.

Claire loves to work behind the scenes and is great at it! We are both military spouses turned best friends! Working with her on a regular basis is a dream come true.

You can find the “Behind-the-Scenes Queen,” veil fluffing, keeping me sane, and nailing flat lay layouts at any given moment. She’s always there to help move the heavy things, check my spelling, and make my life so much easier and enjoyable!!

Our mission for K. Layne Styled is to create a space for creatives, from handmade creators to photographers, to come together in a way that encourages growth, inspires your heart, and gives you the opportunity to build your business into an empire. 

K. Layne Styled will make a HUGE impact on you both personally and professionally. You will feel energized and prepared to seek out your ideal clients because of the great images and experiences you will have gained.



We aim to create content that allows you to share it across all platforms because it feels like a REAL wedding! Expect to see style boards that knock your socks off!

You never have to feel alone again! If you're struggling to get a shot, need tips on how to style your details, or just need some encouragement - we're here for you!

The core of K. Layne Styled is to encourage community building and networking! Whether you're attending an event or practicing your flat lays, we want you to connect! 

We will always think outside of the box! As a member of the K. Layne Styled family, we want you to know that this is place that you can come to get creative and do something a little off beat!

... and when we're not working on a styled shoot or curating the next Style by Trial box, you can find us talking about the latest season of The Bachelor or staying up late eating snacks that we don't want to share with our kids.

My point is this: If you're looking for a really fun, encouraging community that you can lean into when you need a break from the day-to-day struggles of being a wedding photographer you've come to the right place!

Our bach love runs deep ↓